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Project Manager : Brett Thomas

Country Music Awards 2014

Luke Byran – “Roller Coaster”

As I begin to work on the 2015 Country Music Association Awards, I am reminiscing about 2014’s Luke Bryan rollercoaster set. 
It was one of my favorites and definitely one of the most challenging jobs I have managed. 

After Scenicorp was awarded the job, the CMA sent an artist’s rendering of the set with a preliminary drawings and references for the scenic finishes and details. The more detailed drawings we receive from a client, the faster and more accurately we can produce the best results. Source materials and details from designers are also extremely important to be finalized before construction begins.

Supplied CMA Awards 2014 RenderingArtist Rendering

Rough Preliminary Drawings

Preliminary Drawings

Luke Bryan_Abandoned Rollercoaster Renderings ReferencesReference Images

With this information in hand, 3-D scale drawings and miniature models of the rollercoaster were created and scenic samples were prepared for client approval.


1/12 Scale Model

After all the engineering issues are resolved, drawings were sent to the CNC department for routing. These pieces formed the building blocks of the set.

CNC Parts

Once the parts were delivered to the Wood Shop the carpenters went to work assembling and filling in the details of the rollercoaster. After the carpenters finished the structure, it was rolled into the Paint Shop and the scenic artists created magic! Having studied all the source materials they replicated the look of an old abandoned wooden rollercoaster, transforming wood into metal and plastic hardware into corroded antique nuts & bolts.

Roller Coaster in Progress Assembly



“Country’s leading man Luke Bryan brought the roller coaster to the stage, both literally and figuratively, during the 2014 CMA Awards. The set itself featured a partial replica of an actual wooden coaster behind the singer and his band, creating an impressive backdrop to the story Bryan was telling. Combined with the passion and emotion Bryan infused into his performance, the audience was indeed taken on a ride.” -Taste of Country 11/16/2014

All of us at Scenicorp are very proud of the spectacular result. 
Now on to the 2015 awards!

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