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Solved: the problem of storing event props and supplies

Anyone involved with planning or producing large events is familiar with the challenge of where to store all the stuff that accumulates in the lead-up to the event. 

This is a challenge that doesn’t necessarily go away with better planning or extended lead times. Besides the fabricated installations from your scene shop, there are props, furniture, fixtures, marketing materials, office supplies, and product samples to deal with. All these things need a temporary home where they are secure, trackable, and accessible.

There is an elegant solution to the problem of event prop and supply storage which is surprisingly simple and efficient.

In addition to building your set, Scenicorp can receive, inventory, store and deliver any extraneous items to the event venue. This is a service which we can include in your set & scenery build quote. Here’s what we do:

  • Receive any shipments on your behalf
  • Catalog & label the incoming items
  • Securely store items in our facility (Security-patrolled 24 hours)
  • Deliver items to the venue
  • Facilitate any return shipments after the event

Secure Event Storage In New York 

Using self storage units for storing event prop supplies and scenery - better solutions

Scenicorp has storage capacity at our warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, right across the river from Manhattan. 

This means we can store a great volume of event inventory, and have it immediately accessible for your local NYC event (and beyond). Our dedicated fleet of trucks & installation crew team means we handle all deliveries and set-ups in-house.

In contrast, if you used a third party storage facility:

  • You’ll have an additional vendor to manage
  • Likely will need to facilitate keys/ access points for various vendors. You’re usually responsible for providing your own lock & key which can be difficult to manage remotely and allow vendors to access your storage unit (though some facilities allow you to leave the key with the manager on duty)
  • Some facilities do not accept deliveries without you being present, or may limit delivery schedules and delivery truck size restrictions

Just-in-time delivery

A Just-In-Time prop & supply management solution is not the best idea for large, high-stakes corporate events. |

Scenicorp can receive your goods weeks in advance of the event, and tag and inventory all the miscellaneous items for you until the day of the event. We can keep track of everything that has arrived and what is missing.

And after the event, we can arrange to ship the items back to you – something that you’d otherwise have to co-ordinate yourself.  

Compare this with the alternative Just-In-Time approach: a logistics term that refers to having all items are delivered to the venue exactly on the day of the event, or “just in time”. This requires precision-point delivery timing from all of your vendors, and usually extra costs in the form of expedited shipping services. Coordinating your own Just-In-Time system for props and supplies is a highly stressful option and the cost benefits are usually overwhelmed by the need to closely project-manage deliveries.

How and where to store event props and materials for large corporate events, storage solution hacksKeep it organized

We have 10,000 square foot of dedicated storage space at our Brooklyn facility. Those boxes won’t get in your way over here! 

Because we meticulously track and catalog every item, there’s not chance of event materials being forgotten or lost in the excitement.

Sometimes production companies or their clients have the capacity and capability to store some props and event items at their office or warehouse. Staff may bring these items to the event personally, or shipments can be arranged which pick up from the client’s premises and deliver to the venue site.

It may be possible to find a place in your office to keep all of these goodies – but there is an easier way!


scenicorp packaging label with writing

Event professionals have a lot to worry about. Weather considerations, the guest experience, meeting client expectations, coming in at budget… 

It’s good to know that Scenicorp can handle the storage of  your event props and materials as well as building jaw-dropping sets & scenery. 

The cost of this service depends on the quantity of items and the overall size of the event. It’s usually more affordable than you’d think, especially when compared with the stress and hassle of alternative solutions. We can factor this service into a quote for your next event.

Send us an email to talk about your next large brand event.

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